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Little man is five months


Yesterday my little boy turned five months old! The day was marked by much playing in his play gym, bouncing in his doorway bouncer and trying to get him to roll over again following his first roll on Sunday (it hasn’t happened again yet despite our best efforts!)

These last five months have undoubtedly been the most topsy turvy of my life but thinking about him and the incredible blessing that he is to us reminded me to stop and be thankful. I am so thankful for everything about him, from his fluffy hair and cheeky smile to the way he squeals with delight when you talk to him.

Often when things are tough it can be easy to let our struggles fill up our windshield and that is all that we see. I know in my own life it is easy to become overwhelmed by circumstances beyond my control that I sometimes just feel like giving up. Sometimes everything just feels too hard!

But… I know in my head and am learning in my heart that it is so important to develop a thankful heart that is able to rejoice in spite of circumstances. Having a thankful heart is not saying that one’s pain doesn’t matter or that it is somehow not important, but rather it is allowing things to remain in a healthy perspective. Pain is not all there is to life. I am still blessed. I still have plenty to be thankful for. I will not allow my own heart to be robbed of joy because of my circumstances.

I do not know what is around the corner, but right here and now I am blessed and I can be thankful.

Today, as with every other day, my little lad reminds me of how blessed I am. Happy 5/12ths for yesterday super sausage! (Here is a picture of him celebrating his 5/12th birthday! I hope it makes you smile!)

6 thoughts on “Little man is five months

  1. Beautiful smile and what a wonderful mum he has too 🙂 the smile comes from you! (well and Joel ;)) x

  2. He’s beautiful Cathy!

  3. gorgeous little man, cant wait to hold him xx

  4. what a cutie!

  5. Cath, I really can sense the hope overflowing in your words. Thanks for documenting your journey and sharing the ups and downs with us. I think of you three often and am thankful to the Lord for his comfort to you, your hope is a blessing to me.

  6. Cath,
    You are such an inspiration. Your little boy is so gorgeous, I’m sure you are very proud. And what a blessing! We’re holding you in prayer, as we join all those countless others who long to hear news that you are well. I can’t begin to imagine the day-to-day struggle of your journey, but overcoming the difficult circumstances and continuing to praise and rejoice Is such a powerful testimony of a gracious and faithful God who is Always with us. Continue to write, create and make things beautiful. Your attention to detail is indeed a gift and an act of worship. Hope to visit soon, much love the crisps xxx

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