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Be kind to yourself


The last few weeks since my surgery have been filled with special family time, days out in Cambridge, enjoying little man and the last of the summer and Joel’s last few weeks of holiday. But they have also been filled with lots of physiotherapy and adjusting to my new normal post-surgery.

Like each aspect of this cancer journey these weeks have been a bit up and down. My general recovery was remarkably quick, as predicted by the doctors (not believed by myself) and just a few days post-surgery, on a sunny Saturday, I was strolling round a national trust property! That certainly took me by surprise!! Regaining the movement in my arm on the other hand has been somewhat slower and more tricky… But each day is a little better and movement is slowly being restored.

I have been desperate to get back into exercising but I continue to be really tired and unable to do all that much physically. This has been a great source of frustration to me as I am sick and tired of being sick and tired!!

On Tuesday at a hospital appointment I was chatting to one of the lovely nurses, telling her the grand plans of my exercise regime and she gave me some wise words that I have been thinking about since then… She said, “Be kind to yourself.”

This got me thinking, how often are we our own worst enemy and harshest critics. How often do we expect unrealistic things of ourselves or do we not extend the grace that we would to others to ourselves.

For me, how this looks is giving myself proper time to recover, accepting the continued help from others, building up my strength slowly and trying to be ok that there are many things that used to be so easy that I still can’t do… and probably slowing down my exercise grand plan! 😉 I’m sure it looks different for you, but the principle is the same.

God is such a kind God and He shows us so much grace. As we are called to emulate Him, let us not only be kind to others and show them grace but let’s be kind to ourselves too.

3 thoughts on “Be kind to yourself

  1. You are so special Cath and very wise for one so young. Hopefully you will take your own advice and be kind to yourself. Just as our Precious LORD shows us grace, so you need to show yourself grace too. I don’t know what it is, but GOD has a plan in all of this, even the fact that you are still having to lean on others when you yourself want to do it yourself. Keep looking upwards my special friend – GOD is holding you in the palm of His right hand.
    Be very blessed Cath – and enjoy your wonderful family!
    Lots of hugs coming your way from Gill & William

  2. I agree, thank you Cathy. It took me a few years to be completely well after my neck op four years ago but now I can honestly say that I have never been stronger or fitter. Have patience and go slowly doing only what you can. Set yourself small goals with only one thing to achieve at a time. God has taught me to have more patience and to rely on Him as my everything. At each step of your recovery, enjoy what you are able to do physically like holding your child, taking a slow, short, gentle stroll in a beautiful place or planting something colourful. Don’t worry about your muscles losing tone etc. God has made us fearfully and wonderfully and if you go slowly you will regain muscle tone completely and may be even stronger than before as, like me, you are unlikely to take anything for granted ever again once you are able to excercise! Thank you for showing me that as Christians when faced with extreme trials, we can keep the faith and always have great hope in Christ. Love Claire

  3. That’s so beautiful, Cath. Thank you so much for writing and inspiring, I had to wipe a tear when I read this now because it’s so true. Going through a grueling sickness takes its toll on the body big time and healing is a slow, gentle process. I have been thinking of you for a long time. Hope is overflowing for you for the next phase of healing. Lots of love and a prayer and a blessing for you and your family, Rene.

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