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Sunshine and eyelashes


Two things that are very good for my soul – sunshine and eyelashes! And thankfully the past few weeks have contained a considerable amount of both. 🙂

It is funny, I was definitely more sad about my eyelashes falling out than about my hair. I think this was because one really looks very poorly if you have no eyelashes, whereas the hair situation is easier to hide. I would attempt to put mascara on in the morning but there would only be a few lashes to put it on and no matter what I tried with make up it just didn’t look right. I found this a real challenge and it would often make me feel quite down (superficial I know, but there is something about feeling that you don’t look like yourself anymore that is quite unsettling).

So, imagine my delight when my eyelashes seemed to grow back almost over night! And they are now thicker and longer than ever before!! Woo hoo! I think that is God’s grace on me quite honestly.

Not only are my lashes back but my hair is growing like made too. Joel and I are almost ready to start out hair growing race! 🙂 My arm is recovering well and on Monday I begin my radiotherapy – my last major hurdle in this cancer treatment. I can hardly believe how far we have journeyed in the past few months. I could hardly believe it when I packed my wigs away (that is a post for another day) and when I had the energy to walk the 3 miles into town as I did last Thursday.

I have so much to be thankful for and I am reminded every day of how many good things God has given us. I have been thinking about the gifts that God has given me through this journey and they are many, but if I had to pick the one for which I am most thankful, it would be joy. I feel that God has given me a joy that is quite contrary to how the world says I should be. Of course I have dark moments, but these are few. Through this season I can truly say that Nehemiah 8:10 is true – “The joy of the Lord is my strength”.

Here is a picture of little man and me with hair! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Sunshine and eyelashes

  1. Wow Cathie. Your courage and positive attitude are inspirational. You are often in my thoughts. Keep strong. love Dorcas

  2. looking almost as cute as jonty there.. almost..

  3. Bless you and great see you.

  4. You look absolutely amazing Cath – the joy of the LORD is definitely shining through you!! And your precious Jonty is gorgeous… May the LORD continue to shower you with blessing after blessing! lots of hugs from us here in Cape Town.

  5. Stunning pic!

  6. Yay Cath! Such a lovely read. Enjoy getting all hairy 🙂

  7. Reading this has made me happy. Really happy.

  8. May the JOY of the LORD continue to be your STRENGTH as we see HIS LOVE in your SUNSHINE smile!! What a lovely shot of the two of you!! Keep up the GOOD WORK! You are all continually in our THOUGHTS & PRAYERS!! All our LOVE !! XXXXXXXXXXX

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