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Goodbye Addenbrooke’s (sort of)…


Today we got up at the crack of dawn, bundled into the car and fought through traffic all the way from London to Cambridge for what, it turns out, was my last appointment in the Oncology Unit at Addenbrooke’s hospital (not my last oncology appointment of all time sadly, but I am being transferred to to a closer hospital so I did still get to experience the joy of giving the receptionist my discharge paper on the way out! I didn’t explain the complexities of my transfer to her though when she congratulated me on my discharge!)

I was unsure of how I would feel going back to that familiar Thursday morning breast cancer clinic, with its waiting room full on chairs packed in tight rows all facing a TV whose sole purpose is to loop adverts about the hospital… The waiting room with signs reminding you to tell a member of staff if you think you are going to throw up… The waiting room full of people with ranging hair lengths, and smiles and greetings between friends made in the chemo suite… The place where you always have to get weighed before you go and see the doctor, even though there is no discernible reason why if you aren’t having any treatment…

It is a strange place and it felt strange to be back there a whole year since my last appointment (crazy hey!), in amongst this world that is now such a small part of my daily life, in a town that I used to call home but that now feels strange as when we left, so many of our good friends did too…

But, in amongst this strangeness was the most hopeful appointment to date with my most wonderful oncologist and after it was all over, after I had waited, been weighed, waited some more and been poked and prodded for the umpteenth time I left a bit stunned at how positive it all was, and very thankful and hopeful for the future.

The truth is I think I am still a bit stunned by the experience.

But… It feels like a new season is beginning and that is a great place to be. Although I will not miss the Thursday clinic one bit, I am so thankful for the fantastic care I have received from so many amazing doctors and nurses and Addenbrooke’s over the past two and a half years. I am also so deeply thankful for how we as a family have been so supported by the love and prayers of our wonderful friends and family, and for how we have been carried by a faithful God who never let’s us go.

Thank you everyone! Here’s to the future! May it be one where I hopefully get weighed by strangers less frequently!!

3 thoughts on “Goodbye Addenbrooke’s (sort of)…

  1. Lovely, Cath! What an encouraging read!

  2. Thank you for sharing, Cath.

  3. May life bring you everything you wish now,, after your long hard road to recovery , you deserve it!!

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