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A new term and a new beginning


Today my little boy started nursery, just two mornings a week, but it is the start of a whole new era for us… For example, I am sitting on my own in Starbucks on this sunny Tuesday morning writing this and listening to the Starbucks selection of Christmas songs (already!!) That is a drastic change from my usual Tuesday morning which usually involves something thrilling like a trip to Aldi!

I am full of a huge mixture of emotions today and dropping him off was truly a bittersweet experience.

I am so excited for him, for this new chapter which I think he is going to love. This morning as I was getting Jonty dressed he started jumping around and said, “I am just so excited Mummy!” When I asked him if it was because today was his first day at school he replied that it was and started telling me about what happens at his little nursery (which he learnt at his settling in sessions). He has been so excited by his new Superman lunchbox ever since we bought it a few weeks ago and he carried it with pride into nursery this morning.

I was a bit concerned that we might have some tears when I dropped him off this morning, but there were no tears. His parting question to me was, “who is going to help me when you go Mummy?” which totally melted my heart. I hope that Jonty always sees Joel and I as the people who help him be all he can be!

While I was thrilled that we didn’t have any tears his morning, I was also a little bit sad that my baby is growing up so fast. Each day I have to come to terms with the fact that he is less and less of a baby and more and more of a little boy and that is harder than I expected! This new found independence is a little disorientating for me as a parent.

Today as I said goodbye, I was reminded even more of the things I love about Jonty, his sweet, gentle soul, his love of music, making jokes, somersaults and laughing. He is such a blessing to us!!

But in amongst this mixture of emotions, on this milestone day, I am thankful beyond belief! When I was diagnosed with cancer when Jonty was 8 weeks old, still being alive by the time he started nursery seemed an impossible dream. I was so frightened that I wouldn’t get to see any of his milestones and so now as each one rolls around it is just that much sweeter. I am still standing, full of scars, but still standing and blessed beyond measure!

Here’s to many more milestones!


6 thoughts on “A new term and a new beginning

  1. Hi there, sorry I have not responded before to your very personal and encouraging words but today I have a moment in the madness that is school / work….. We too have had this milestone as Jos started at Nursery here in PSJ and we had tears but not so many now.. We also took Jonah to look around secondary schools ………….. that did not seem right (he is yr 5 so will decided next year) But he is changing, asking to walk to school with friends rather than his Mum… Our journey through life here is marked with milestones, some easy and exciting others tough and dreary! But all important

    Thank you for your words and encouragements!!!


  2. My prayer is that God will continue to bless you and your little family in every way. xx

  3. You and your family are just such wonderful examples to the rest of humanity – You radiate Love, compassion and Hope at all times, not matter how difficult the circumstances. xx

  4. Yay for milestones! Here’s to many many more xxx

  5. What a special piece from mum on her sons first day at nursery. Full of love, life, wonder and thanksgiving. Wishing you many more lovely memories and milestones Cath with this precious boy. Thank you.

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